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Everyone wants to stay updated with the fashion, right? And what if we show you the upcoming styles of 2020?

Yes, in this article, you will find out the top trendiest styles of 2020 in spring/summer fashion week. We have gathered some stylish looks of the year that can surely give you a winning look wherever you go!

So, let’s check out the trendiest fashion of 2020 and transform your wardrobe before everyone else.


Top Fashion Trends Of 2020

  1. Bike Shorts with Blazers: While it may not be that suitable wearing this at the office or the gym, but that type of style is actually perfect for strutting out the streets or going for a delicious Sunday brunch beside your best friends.
  2. Animal Feels: in a specific way, loud leopard print was and still considered one of the most favorites amongst the top fashion industries, and as well as, it does look good on a wide variety of clothing, such as pants, dresses, coats, suits, and much more.
  3. Boiler Suits: well, they are basically designed as a kind of one-piece protective garment and are actually turn into a new fashionable trend as we can see lots of celebrities following the fashion right now.
  4. Lavender Tones: you can even wear it in the form of dresses, boots, coats, or as well as head-to-toe ensembles, this feminine, and flattering color further added a lovely touch into your overall wardrobe and in your looks.
  5. Puff Shoulders: well, this may look bold ruffles and have designed with the oversized silhouettes, anyone can look good with a touch of chic, you can even wear it as a form of long dresses or blouses.
  6. Neo-Gothic: if you want to follow the trend, keep following their lead and pair with an all-over black outfit along with a touch of on-trend pieces.
  7. Colorful Tartan: as we know that tartan also appeared on the ramps of this fashion week, on the streets of New York, Paris, London, and Milan. This may also add a colorful style while giving you all the traditional subtitles to look as well.
  8. Bucket Hats: you can wear it as a form of plain, patterned, or just go with featuring a logo. Therefore, the brimmed hats may simply add an on-trend edge, which can perfectly match to any outfit.
  9. Patchwork: it looks so colorful and as well as creative, this overall patchwork look has made up with different sews altogether contrasting fabric pieces to achieve a look of an eclectic and eye-catching pattern.
  10. Shrunken Bags: you can even style up your dressing sense while adding a touch of handbags. As a bonus, you may definitely steal the show while matching up a trendy bag with your outfit.

Final verdict:

Top fashion trends of the upcoming 2020 are on their way to mesmerize people out there. We have seen so many outstanding trendy fashion styles that need to be in your wardrobe at any cost.


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